Cortland Preschool is purposefully small, with a low student-teacher ratio; we believe that each child deserves as much individual and customized attention as possible during these highly formative years of development. We are also city dwellers, as opposed to a franchise, who have taught in downtown Chicago for years – we understand the fragile beauty of raising children in the city and the many advantages that go along with it.

Our staff is of the highest caliber and training, and feel teaching is an honor and life-calling. We take both fun and education very seriously because preschool is what we love, and because we understand there is nothing more important to you (or your child!) than a safe, happy and hands-on learning experience.


Cortland Preschool is currently qualifying for NAEYC accreditation.

Cortland Preschool is fully licensed by the State of Illinois.

Cortland Preschool embraces a Reggio Emilia-inspired approach to learning.










Cortland Preschool Logo 1859 N Talman (& Cortland) Chicago, IL 60647 P 773 351 5931