I’m interested in learning more about your school—

how can I do that?

Consider us a resource as you plan your child’s schooling and extra-curricular activities and know that we are here to help. Please just call us any time—we love to talk about our school and what makes it a special place! If we can’t help you find a spot at Cortland Preschool, we are always happy to recommend other excellent preschools in different areas of the city—or places that have incredible classes for children. We will look forward to seeing you at a parenting workshop or open house…just call! Office 773 351 5931.

How do I get my Admissions Kit and join the waiting list?

-we are a full-year preschool
-we have minimal closings
-we have rolling admission based around each individual child's "readiness" for preschool and toilet training
-we cannot contact you for potential placement if you haven't joined the waiting list

FOR ADMISSIONS:  Please email and request an Admissions Kit--you will need to provide your mailing address.  (We do not schedule Parent Interviews or Tours until you have carefully reviewed Admissions information.)

FOR WAITING LISTS:  Please email your best telephone contact, child's full name and date of birth, and your name (!) to  You will receive confirmation that you have been added to the waiting list.  We contact families when and if an opening becomes available, beginning at 2 1/2 years of age and up.

What's so special about 'West Bucktown'?

- West Bucktown Neighborhood Association

- Maplewood & Lucy Flower Parks Advisory Council

- West Bucktown Zoning Commitee

- 1st Ward office

- Bloomingdale Trail

West Bucktown is an ethnically-diverse, family-oriented community.  We support our parks and thoughtful urban development.  The neighborhood continues to see small businesses develop and thrive (we especially love Cat & Mouse Games, Ipsento Cafe, Urban Street Window Works and Bang Bang Pie.)  Cortland Preschool has been a part of the community since 2009!

How do I find you quickly and easily? One-way streets are confusing…

We recommend taking Armitage west to Washtenaw, turning left (south) and then turning left (east) onto Cortland. You'll see us about one block away on the corner of Cortland and Talman. Conversely, if you are heading in from a different direction, you can take Armitage east to Washtenaw, turn right (south) and then turning left (east) onto Cortland. You can also print this handy-dandy map for your car (if you don't have a fancy GPS and have to do it old-skool style!)

Cortland Preschool Logo 1859 N Talman (& Cortland) Chicago, IL 60647 P 773 351 5931