Cortland Preschool was designed with real-world teaching experience influencing all elements of the architecture and sound environment. Collaborating with two architects and a sound engineer led to an acoustically accurate environment where children are not only safe and physically comfortable, but they also do not experience fatiguing and irritating levels of noise in their environment. Less fatigue and lower decibel levels make a more harmonious and restful learning environment for your child, and that's important for their well-being.

Our teaching philosophy is considered progressive–we stay abreast of the latest research in educational theory, child psychology and development, and parenting practices to continually improve the way we approach our teaching and facilitating. Our highest goal is to fan into flame a life-long love of learning that each child takes with them and applies to the rest of their lives.




Cortland Preschool Logo 1859 N Talman (& Cortland) Chicago, IL 60647 P 773 351 5931